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The videos in the previous post give a good overview of Twitter:

  • Twitter – short posts about what you are doing
  • Twitter may be a way to to connect with current clients, stakeholders, friends, colleagues, a defined group etc
  • Twitter may be a way to make new connections

Twitter is still a new tool being adopted by the not for profit, so many of its uses are yet to be found.

When you set up your twitter account you can decide on the type of posts you will make. The short posts about what you are doing could be related to work or be personal. Depending on the purpose of your account you may make your accounts public or can only be viewed by people who you approve . You can have several accounts that may have different purposes.

  • For example you may set up an account for your workplace and make the updates public so as to be able to find new potential clients.
  • You may setup a personal account that your updates are only public to people you approve.
  • You may setup an account for your workteam where you updates are only public to people from the team.

Why Twitter

I came across the following article by Dosh Dosh, blog, which offers internet marketing and blogging tips, alongside social media strategies. The article is 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners.

It looks at ways you can use Twitter. Many of these can be extended to the use in the workplace. It also describes some problems with Twitter.

A summary of the list is:

  • Personal Branding
  • Get Feedback
  • Hire People
  • Direct traffic
  • Read News
  • Make New Friends
  • Network for benefits
  • Use it as a ToDo list
  • Business Management
  • Notify Your Customers
  • Take Notes
  • Event Updates
  • Find Prospects
  • Provide Live coverage
  • Time Management and Analysis
  • Set Up Meetings
  • Acquire Votes

More useful reading

Beth Kanter: How Nonprofits can use Social Media – uses twitter to pose questions – "How does your nonprofit work more like cloud? Looking for examples". Refer to her blog at for more information. Sign up for Twitter, search for Beth Kanter and start following her updates.

Daniweb – IT Discussion Community: Five Tips For Using Twitter In the Workplace. Another interesting article that looks at uses of Twitter in the workplace.

Twitter Handbook – Chapter 7 – Top Ten Reasons Companies Need to Tweet.
Twitter Handbook, available to download for free from:

Next post – Will look at developing a strategy to begin using twitter.


Social Networking

The aim of many organisations is to build communities so as to share ideas and information, collaborate, raise money etc. New technologies like facebook and LinkedIn are ways in which networks can be built online and organisations can connect with people with a common interest in mind.

Technologies such as Facebook has been a tool used extensively in a personal way but is increasingly being used in the not for profit sector particularly to extend their community base.

A lot has been written about the benefits of not for profits engaging in social networking. Some interesting reading that I have come across is listed below.

We have not marketed our facebook account extensively or setup a LinkedIn account. DISTSS will be changing its name in December and will then set up and market these social networking tools.