Iphone and photos

This post continues on from previous post about iPhones and wordpress. I have continued looking at how the iPhone wordpress works. This post should also contain a image. The interface is straight forward in adding text and photos.



I have registered a tumblr blog and trying it out. Tumblr is a form of blog that uses short form of posts.  Posts can be text, video, images, audion.

What I have found useful is the i-phone application.  The application allows  photos, texts, audio and links to be uploaded.  Works well.  Images upload fairly quickly.

Tumblr would be quite useful as a tool for reflection of work practices.

visit – http://fieldlearning.tumblr.com This is just an experimental site at the minute.

field forum

As a follow-up to the field forum on “Quality within the disability sector”, we have developed this space to invite people to continue and furher discuss issues around this topic. Please use this space to express your views on this topic to initiate further discussion.

Please do not use this space to provide feedback on the forum. you can do this by emailing us directly.

field facepage

field used to be known as DISTSS up until December 2008.  We created a DISTSS facebook but really did nothing with it since we knew the name change would be taking place.   We finially have set up our new facebook and hope to make it an active environment where disucssions around learning and development can occur.

To see our facebook please visit:


field has another blog that is maintained by Ricky Buchanan. The Notjustwork blog has evolved through the collaborative work of people with disabilities who use attendant support and their disability support workers who examined the intricacies of this relationship. The outcome of their work was the development of this website, http://notjustwork.info/

This blog explores the dynamics of the relationships that are forged by people with disabilities and the workers who provide necessary support. The website goal is the further education of those directly and indirectly related to disability work. The aim is to identify the pathways of courteous, mutually beneficial and helpful relating and partnering.

An interesting article

The following is an interesting article on 50 Ways Marketers Can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing at:
The list includes some interesting ways to get your organisation noticed and some practical ways to use social software to do this.

DISTSS Survey – Using New Technologies

DISTSS is interested in finding out what peoples knowledge and use of new technologies are, in a personal or work setting. To gather this information we have put together a Using New technologies Survey that we would appreciate if you could take the time to complete. We hope the responses from the survey will assist us to embed the use of technologies further in its day to day use.

The survey should take about 10 to 15 minutes. Could you please complete the survey by Monday 3 November 2008. The survey can be found at:

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Linda Budd:
Tel: 03 8686 5622
Email: linda.budd@distss.org.au

Thank you for taking an active part in the further development of DISTSS.