cIFF – Colleagues Connect Project

Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (cIIF)

field has been successful in gaining funding through Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (cIIF) for the development of Colleagues Connect.

cIIF is an initiative under the Victorian Government’s Innovation Statement, Innovation: Victoria’s Future intended to accelerate the innovative use of the next generation of ICT by Victorian government, business and community.

For more information refer to Minister Lenders’ media release of the 22 successful cIIF Round 1 projects.

More about Colleagues Connect


The Colleagues Connect project has been funded as part of the Victorian governments innovation strategy which aims to place Victoria as a world leader in ideas generation that address issues around increased economic productivity, enhanced social wellbeing and health, development of integrated quality systems and creating information technology infrastructure that gives Victorian business a recognized profile and competitive edge in the use of second generation digital resources.


The success of the Victorian State Disability Plan 2002 – 2012 in delivering deinstitutionalization and individualized funding has meant that the disability workforce increasingly works in either small group residences or in the consumer’s home. This trend is likely to continue. This means that community services organisations are needing to explore new ways to ensure staff working in isolated settings have access to supervision, collegiate support and learning and development activities.

Project Partners

  • field – furthering inclusive learning and development (lead agency)
  • Melbourne City Mission
  • Australian Quadriplegic Association
  • Department of Planning and Community Development
  • NDS – Victoria

The Project

Colleagues Connect will develop a prototype portal, employing Web 2.0 technologies, to address the issues identified above in a way that is cost effective, flexible and realistic in terms of the ICT literacy of the cohort. The model would have considerable capacity for replication to any workforce where isolation is a factor (e.g. district nurses, age care support workers, youth outreach services, mental health services etc.)

Inherent in this approach is creating a single application that can supply the advantages of Web 1.0 applications (e.g website with information content) with Web 2.0 applications that provide for interactivity through direct communication (Skype), networking capacity (Yammer) and video capacity (Vimeo). See attached diagram.

The future applications in the disability sector may move beyond workforce and field is interested at a later date at exploring such capacity to link people who, by disability or other circumstance, are largely homebound.

The workers and consumers in the current project (from Melbourne City Mission and the Australian Quadriplegic Association) will be provided with extensive training in the use of the application by field and substantial access to ‘help desk’ facilities from field,

The project evaluators are Synthesize Pty Ltd. For the project to be successful it will need to demonstrate that the workforce can be engaged in the use of an application like Colleagues Connect, that the participating organizations can identify gains in productivity and cost effectiveness and that the consumer is confident that service quality has been enhanced.

Further Information

field will provide further information about this project throughout the year.

If you would like to discuss this project please contact Linda Budd


tel: 8686 5622


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