Online meeting scheduler

Timebridge meeting scheduler

I was invited to a meeting using Timebridge web based software and found it a useful tool to assist with scheduling meetings.  This has prompted me to use Timebridge to schedule a meeting with a group of colleagues and further investigate the software.

Timebridge is web based software to assist with coordinating and managing meeting’s

How it works

  • Using a simple web interface you are able to invite attendees to a meeting and add a personal message to
  • You are able to include 5 proposed  meeting times
  • Add information about location of meeting
  • Integrate location details with google maps
  • Add agenda items
  • Upload files to share
  • Add notes

Attendees of the meeting get:

  • Email invite to reply to
  • Confirm times they can attend – either Best, Yes, No
  • See who else is invited
  • Read agenda items, files and notes
  • Can send reply with a personal message

Other things to note

You get prompted when there is a not common time that satisfies all attendees.  This is called ‘Meeting Availability Conflict’.  With these situations you are able to use the Scheduling Tools to reschedule meeting and re-email attendees if appropriate.

You are also able to send reminder emails and send email updates to attendees.

Where to get Timebridge


Other meeting scheduler software



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