Twitter – getting started

Some strategies to start using twitter in your organsiation

Getting started to use twitter.

Some intial things to do:

  1. Get a twitter account and start exploring how to use it
  2. Find friends to follow you on twitter and start following others
  3. Have a look around to see what people are twittering and the differenty ways it is being used
  4. Start tweeting
  5. Reply back to followers using the @ symbol

What next

Set up your organsiations account

  • Secure your organsiations brand name
  • Use an avatar to represent your organisation
  • Clearly define your profile. Make it easy for people to decide whether to follow you
  • Follow similar groups or individuals. Dont follow everyone
  • Start to share information about your organisation

  • Try to join in conversations related to your purpose
  • Use twitter to gets questions answered
  • Listen to what others are saying about you, your brand or your organisation
  • Integrate with other social media. For example facebook
  • Work out who is tweeting on behalf of your organisation
  • Establish how often you are going to tweet

Marketing Voices interviews Biz Stone of Twitter, questions asked from community

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Next post – Establish a Social Media Policy


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