Using Technology – An Example

An interesting article was published in The Age on Monday 25 August – “Technology saves church that didn’t have a prayer”

The article tells the story of a small rural town where the church did not have a minister so they turned to new technologies to overcome the problem. They used a direct internet link with a large city church and a shared morning worship service where they transmitted its 11am family service onto a large screen in Beeac in an experiment that has sparked the interest and hopes of many country churches.

The article can be found at:

This is an example of how technology has been used in a traditional settings. This then leads to us to think about how technology could be similarly used in the disability sector to connect people either within workplaces, between workplaces, communities etc. Looking at the workplace, where connecting with staff is often problematic particularly with the increased casualisation of staff and more and more work happening in peoples homes, technologies could be used in a variety of ways. For example using technologies such as Skype, Elluminate, mobile technology, discussion forums, face book etc. to

• to conduct staff meetings with
• staff supervision
• staff debriefing
• to allow staff to network with each other

DISTSS is going to explore these ideas further.


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