DISTSS’s use of emerging technologies

DISTSS’s leading learning and development in the disability workforce to optimise outcomes for people with disability.

DISTSS has a keen interest in trying and using different technologies to enhance how it does its work and to see how it could be used more broadly in the sector. These new technologies can be referred to as social media, social software, web 2.0 technologies, etc and include things like:

  • blogs
  • online conferencing
  • chat
  • photo sharing
  • video sharing
  • wikis
  • twitter
  • virtual world
  • podcasts
  • message boards
  • social networking

The development of such technologies has seen a fundamental shift in the way many people communicate. DISTSS sees these new technologies as great opportunities to connect and collaborate with current and new audiences and recognises the importance to get on board, try them and see what happens.

What we have done:

  • tinkered, tinkered and tinkered
  • used Elluminate to run online forums and meetings
  • Set up discussion forums on it website
  • Uploaded videos on Youtube
  • set up DISTSS Group on facebook

What we will be doing

  • seeing what works
  • trying to increase the use of specific technologies in our day to day work
  • looking to see how the use of technologies can be use within the disability sector.

This blog will look at our experiences and thought on using technologies in our workplace.


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